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Hischool, Inc.

Before Hischool#

Our story begins with two software developers, Lkhagvasuren and Bayaraa, who came together to start working on a project to develop a prototype of a centralized human resources and payroll systems for the Mongolian government in 2010. Mongolia, at that time, had fallen behind with information technology due to the lack of educational resources and insufficient trained manpower. Making a centralized system was a hard task since no one could do it; however, Lkhagvasuren and Bayaraa were determined to make it work.

Inexperienced with such a task, they needed to research about the latest technologies and read many documents before actually doing it. Their typical day consisted of reading documents, making diagrams, and discussing with each other. It may sound simple, but box by box, they read every document they could for seven months. As the time neared the deadline, they were worried they might not be able to do it. Fortunately, on one fateful day, their work clicked into place. After putting their ideas into action, their hard work paid off, and successfully completed the project in the next month.

Bayaraa in 2010

After the project, with their newly gained in-depth knowledge and skills, Lkhagvasuren and Bayaraa came up with an idea to start a business that developed centralized platform solutions. They were determined to start working on it; however, even with all the understanding and skills to develop an information system, they couldn’t do it alone.

Lkhagvasuren in 2013

In June 2013, they had an opportunity to implement their idea – a government project to transform the education sector digitally. The project’s aim was to make a student management system for Mongolia’s education sector, managing every K-12 school and higher education institution from one place. Without a centralized system, the education sector was struggling to keep track of every student in Mongolia. The inaccurate count and data of students were financially costly and inefficient to the government. Even though there were projects in the past to solve this problem, none were qualified enough to be implemented.

Starting with the development of the first documents, they formed a team and trained the team members. With their team, they did all sorts of work from developing general architecture to establishing data centers. Because many schools weren’t connected to the data center, they even organized the installation of network cables across the country. After that, they had to train the end-users such as teachers and school managers, as they had little knowledge of computers and how to work with them. At the end of the project, they made a significant improvement in the education sector. Also, the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture and the Government of Mongolia officially announced the digital transformation of the Mongolian education sector to the public.


Even though we came up with the solution for the whole education sector, every educational institution had its own struggles left. With four additional members, experts of their field in the government’s education project – Tuya, Bayar, Battulga, and Munguntsetseg – we formed a startup ed-tech company, Hischool, Inc, in 2021 to solve the remaining problems. Founder and Chief Technical Officer Bayaraa came up with the name saying, “Students greet their friends and teachers when they come to school, but no one greets their school. We wanted to make schools that made people happy to the point that they would want to say hi to their schools.

Our office is designed with precision: clean white desks, light gray computers, two glass boards, and a few monochrome pieces of furniture. Besides this modern approach, we also have a ping pong table, which was our company’s first purchase. We value good communication and team spirit, something our ping pong table serves masterfully. Employees of different age groups or in a different direction of work play together all the time to get to know each other better or just to take a quick break.


While our founders are rich in experience, we like hiring inexperienced fresh minds. We took undergraduate students, or those who have just graduated, and trained them. We think that training young people is important because they will be a valuable asset to us, and society in the future. As one big team, we began working on a product that allows individuals, teams, and organizations to solve all their learning problems in one place and create their online school in minutes. Our mission is to make it possible for anyone to create an online school from anywhere easily and low-costly. We are very happy to launch our products on the global market and start our new journey.

Join us on this journey to support education with technology and bring everyone into digital reality.

Launch your online school. 🚀

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Hischool, Inc.

Welcome to our digital world!#

Hischool is a powerful platform designed exactly for you.

Whether you are an individual, a team, or an organization, you can create your dream school in just a few minutes.

After clicking on the Launch button and doing a few steps, you will have your school’s virtual reality on the cloud environment ready.

Download a single app and manage all from one place.

Your online school will be on your browser, computer, tablet, or cell phone.

We have created the best solution to make you more efficient and bring your business to the next level.

Are you ready to open your online school?#

Launch your online school. 🚀