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Current Issues#

The outbreak of Covid-19 has significantly affected higher education institutions, students, and teaching and learning management systems. This sudden burst has forced higher education institutions to undergo digital transformation suddenly while lacking the necessary technological tools.

Though there are many systems on the market today, many institutions are facing a challenge of finding a system that meets their requirement to provide high quality education to their learners. Some institutions are using multiple systems because there isn’t a system that can’t cover all their complex needs. In order to overcome this problem and digitalize education, some universities are developing their own system; however, this isn’t an easy task since it requires a lot of time, money, and resources.


In order to maximize a student's educational outcome, higher education institutions need to develop various types of learning structure, program management, learning environment, student life cycle from enrollment to graduation, and self-directed learning.

For instance:

  • Medical institutions, like secondary schools, often group students in classes and make most subjects compulsory. After one lesson is completed, the next lesson begins, or a lesson plan is developed using the curatorial method. At the end of the school year, students who have passed the promotion exam and the final exam and met the credit criteria will be promoted. Therefore, medical schools have more of a combination of credit based and class system than other institutions.

  • CDIO schools focus more on student outcomes. Therefore, there is a greater need to be flexible in organizing content, teaching methods, testing criteria while monitoring student progress, processes, and outcomes.

  • Some schools use the collected credits to determine the student's stage and make the student's choice of content more free. All classes are scheduled in parallel. There are more detailed rules for studying the next lesson, promoting, and graduating.



Even though higher education institutions vary a lot, they have a common need of managing student’s life cycle, teaching in class, and learning process. By using Hischool Platform, higher education institutions can create their virtual reality in a digital world in just a few minutes.

Hischool Student can be adjusted to many schools with different study plans, grading schema, academic term, admission plan, and curriculum. Experience virtual reality with your learners from admission to graduation.

With Hischool Classroom, virtual classes will be created automatically from course enrollment. In your virtual class, class members can communicate and collaborate, use white board, share information, and organize meetings. Teachers can give and check homework and assignments, take online tests, take attendance, and manage the classroom. Additional tools can be integrated with Hischool Classroom according to your needs.

Hischool Learn takes student’s learning to the next level. Students can explore their topic of interest, deepen their current knowledge, collect necessary credits, or just catch up in class with online courses.

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